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Mountain Home First Congregational, UCC is a member of the United Church of Christ.

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Trinity Sunday, May 27, 2018                                John 3: 1 – 17       

                                          Mysterious Encounter

Nicodemus is the Pharisee who braves the city at night and comes knocking at Jesus’ door. He holds a million questions. He has left his friends and colleagues behind for they do not share his wonder. He is alone feeling his way through the dark streets. Perhaps pressing along the stone walls and hoping for the right door? Does he rehearse the questions he will ask? Does Jesus expect him? Was it prearranged? This meeting between teachers – this meeting between strangers. He has a lot on his mind. So many questions. He asks, “What does it mean to be born again?”

You may not have that question exactly but you probably have questions about your faith, about the Bible and about who Jesus is. If you are a church that regularly recites a statement of faith, there are probably things in there you wonder about – like “the resurrection of the dead. “What does it mean to believe in that? Would you ask your Pastor these questions? Would you be embarrassed? Do you think that if you go to church it means you know the answers to the questions about what it means to be a Christian, or theology or history or the Bible? Does it ever feel like there is more you don’t know than you know?

At Broadmoor Community Church in Colorado Springs, under “What we believe” on their webpage (broadmoorchurch.org) they say the following:

While some of us were raised UCC, the majority of us were raised in other traditions: Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopal, Presbyterian, evangelical, fundamentalist, even Jewish and Muslim. This makes for an interesting mix! All of us bring our questions, our doubts, our beliefs, our criticism, our willingness to both ask questions and lean into faith in order to make our lives, and the world, a better place.

What about your church community? Do you encourage your members to lean into their faith with all their questions and doubts? Jesus greets Nicodemus, the man with all the questions, and answers him. It may be that the answers Jesus gives raise even more questions. But isn’t that what the faith journey is like for us all?