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The Rev Rant will be updated on Wednesdays

                                          REV RANT
                           Wednesday, October 11, 2017
                                      Exodus 32:1-14

Greetings siblings in Divine love,
We often wonder about the power of our love.  I learned the importance of faithful persistence as  a hospital chaplain. Day after day I found myself sitting in rooms with strangers facing a variety of human ailments.  The illnesses and the afflicted were all unique.  I wondered how could I, a non-medical stranger, offer any help.  Was my presence, my momentary love and care, of any use?  Anyone who has offered care to a loved one in times of pain, doubt and suffering has asked the same question.
This scripture is God's resounding, "Yes, your love brings transformative healing!"  The people, the ones who have been miraculously freed from slavery and suffering, are partying and giving thanks to their own power to create.  They have forgotten the God who called them, made them, and gives them life.  They have replaced the Divine with gods who represent their desires of comfort and fleeting satisfaction.  One person, Moses, remains faithful and caring.  The leaders love of God and the people heals everything.   

Moses' love for the people was powerful enough to advocate for them even while they rejected him and God.  Moses love for God empowered him to compassionately seek God's mercy.  The faithful one remembers and recalls the unconditional promise that inspired the Exodus.  It was God's love for humanity.

There will be times when we question the power of our love.  It is okay.  Let this Word be heard.  I pray you know that your love, no matter how seemingly small, can heal the world and reveal God's fulfilled promise of life.  

Rev. Drew