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                                                   Rev Rant
                                 Wednesday, November 14, 2018
                                                   Psalm 16

Dear siblings in Christ,

Every great story is about ordinary people being forced to journey into the unknown.  Sometimes, like in Lord of the Rings, the travelers are warned beforehand of the imminent danger.  Other times, like the disciples, there is almost no clear sign of the coming struggle.  Either way the power of God's given life only shines when one is bold enough to take the journey of discovery.  
The scripture passage this week is a prayer for assurance in the time of uncertainty.  The opening lines orient the reader to the writer’s need for comfort and support.  The language of joy, pleasure, nourishment, and companionship sound as if the psalmist is facing an unknown future and recalls all the ways God has given life.  Now the psalmist seeks to renew the faithful awareness of these Divine blessings and rediscover their vibrant presence.  An enlightenment to overcome any trials.  
Many of us take risky journeys without ever leaving our communities.  We take the risky journey of love.  The only way love is possible is, if like Christ and the disciples, we are willing to make ourselves vulnerable.  We give time to the sick risking our own lives in faithful hope others find hope and peace. We give meals to the hungry, prayerful today's nourishment empowers another to find what is needed to thrive for a lifetime.  We give valuable time, talent, and treasure, faithfully taking the risk that sharing what we have with others reveals God's gift of eternal life and love.   
Take a deep breath and grow more aware of the risks and boldness it takes to live and share life with others. May the psalmist show us how to face risks rooted in the assurance of God's presence.  May we join the psalmist in boldly discovering the eternal joy and pleasure of the Divine. 
Rev. Drew